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Costume Designer


Wastwater                                   Steep Theatre - Robin Witt, director                                             July 2016

The Few                                      Steep Theatre - Brad Akin, director                                            April 2016

Interrogation                              The Artistic Home - Scott Westerman, director                           January 2016

Two Gentlemen of Verona           Oak Park Festival Theatre – Lavina Jadhwani, director               July 2015

To Kill a Mockingbird                  Oak Park Festival Theatre – Vaun Monroe, director                    June 2015

Sideman                                      American Blues Theatre – Jonathan Berry, director                     May 2015

Eric Argyle                                 Steep Theatre – Jonathan Berry, director                                 January 2015

The Commons of Pensacola          Northlight Theatre – Robin Witt, director                               October 2014

Monstrous Regiment                   Lifeline Theatre – Kevin Theis, director                                         June 2014

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs         Lifeline Theatre – Amanda Link, director            January 2014

12th Night                                   Oak Park Festival Theatre – Lavina Jadhwani, director               July 2013

Amadeus                                     Oak Park Festival Theatre – Joanie Schultz, director                   June 2013

Reverb                                        Redtwist Theatre – Jonathan Berry, director                                 May 2013

Luther                                         Steep Theatre – Joanie Schultz, director                                  January 2013

The American Plan                     The Artistic Home – Robin Witt, director                                      July 2012

Richard III                                  Oak Park Festival Theatre – Belinda Bremner, director                July 2012

Inherit the Wind                         Oak Park Festival Theatre – Steve Pickering, director                  June 2012

Black Pearl Sings!                       Northlight Theatre – Steve Scott, director                               January 2012

Roadkill Confidential                   Dog&Pony Theatre – Devon DeMayo, director                            June 2011

Lakeboat                                      Steep Theatre – George Cederquist, director                           January 2011

Suicide, Incorporated                   Gift Theatre – Jonathan Berry, director                                         June 2010

Hollow Lands                              Steep Theatre – Jonathan Berry, director                                      June 2009

In Arabia, We’d All Be Kings      Steep Theatre – Joanie Schultz, director                                February 2009

Prisoner’s Dilemma                     Theatre Mir – Rob Chambers, director                                          June 2008

Augusta                                      American Theatre Company – Nora Dunn, director            February 2008

Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree  LLCT Live, Inc – Luis Perez, director                                  December 2007

Half of Plenty                             American Theatre Company – William Payne, director             April 2007

An Immigrant Class                    Remy Bumppo Theatre – Linda Gillum, director                      March 2007

Danceworks                                 Northwestern University – Joseph Mills, director                 February 2007

Letters Home                              Griffin Theatre – Jennie Cleghorne, director                            January 2007

Say You Love Satan                    About Face – Scott Ferguson, director                                    October 2006

Dead End                                   Griffin Theatre – Jon Berry, director                                    September 2006

Man of La Mancha                       Light Opera Works – David Perkovich, director                     August 2000

Don Giovanni                             L’Opera Piccola – Shifra Werch, director                                      June 2000

Dangerous Corner                       greasy joan & co. – Sandra Grand, director                               March 2000

The Mandrake                             greasy joan & co. – Kevin Theis, director                                   March 1999




Roosevelt University – Resident Designer:

Wild Party                                  Luis Perez, director                                                                    Spring 2015

Picnic                                          Keira Fromm, director                                                                Spring 2015

A Funny Thing…Forum             Ray Frewen, director                                                                   Spring 2015

Assassins                                     Ray Frewen, director                                                                       Fall 2014

You Can’t Take It With You        Steve Scott, director                                                                        Fall 2014

As You Like It                             Lavina Jadhwani & Kevin Kingston, directors                               Fall 2014

Thoroughly Modern Millie          Luis Perez, director                                                                    Spring 2014

The Suicide                                 Matt Hawkins, director                                                              Spring 2014

Amadeus                                     John Gawlik, director                                                                  Spring 2014

Ripper                                         Ray Frewen, director                                                                       Fall 2013

Cloud 9                                       Jaclynn Jutting, director                                                                  Fall 2013

The Visit                                     Kestutis Nakas, director                                                                 Fall 2013

Spring Awakening                      Luis Perez, director                                                                    Spring 2013

The Grapes of Wrath                   Steve Scott, director                                                                    Spring 2013

Almost, Maine                            Ray Frewen, director                                                                   Spring 2013

Lysistrata Jones                           Kurt Johns, director                                                                         Fall 2012

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern…    Jaclynn Jutting, director                                                                  Fall 2012

The Tempest                               Joel Fink, director                                                                            Fall 2012

How to Succeed in Business…     Luis Perez, director                                                                    Spring 2012

A Streetcar Named Desire          Steve Scott, director                                                                    Spring 2012

Tulsa Lovechild:A Road Trip       Jaclynn Jutting, director                                                             Spring 2012

Rent                                            Ray Frewen, director                                                                       Fall 2011

Our Town                                   Kestutis Nakas, director                                                                 Fall 2011

The Cradle Will Rock                   Joel Fink, director                                                                            Fall 2011

Best Little Whorehouse               Luis Perez, director                                                                    Spring 2011

Spring Awakening                      Joel Fink, director                                                                        Spring 2011

Eurydice                                     Jonathan Berry, director                                                             Spring 2011

Sweeney Todd                            Ray Frewen, director                                                                       Fall 2010

Execution of Justice                     Steve Scott, director                                                                        Fall 2010

Complete Works (abridged)         Sean Kelley, director                                                                        Fall 2010

Sweet Charity                             Luis Perez, director                                                                    Spring 2010

Flea in Her Ear                           Ray Frewen, director                                                                   Spring 2010

Not About Nightingales              David Zak, director                                                                    Spring 2010

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well… June Compton, director                                                                  Fall 2009

Bury the Dead                            Kestutis Nakas, director                                                                 Fall 2009

Pericles                                       Joel Fink, director                                                                            Fall 2009

Bells Are Ringing                        Luis Perez, director                                                                    Spring 2009

Scapino!                                      Sean Kelley, director                                                                   Spring 2009

Ah, Wilderness!                          Steve Scott, director                                                                    Spring 2009

Urinetown                                  Ray Frewen, director                                                                       Fall 2008

The Furies                                   June Compton, director                                                                  Fall 2008

Henry V                                     Joel Fink, director                                                                            Fall 2008

The Wild Party                           Luis Perez, director                                                                    Spring 2008                                                           

Visions of Kerouac                       David Zak, director                                                                    Spring 2008

Peer Gynt                                   Sean Graney, director                                                                 Spring 2008

God’s Country                             Steve Scott, director                                                                        Fall 2007



NHSI (Cherubs) – Costume Designer 2004, 2006; Head Costume Designer 2007-2011:

The Farnsworth Invention           Scott Westerman, director                                                              July 2011

Elephant’s Graveyard                 Richard Prioleau, director                                                              July 2011

Kid Simple                                  Krissy Vanderwarker, director                                                       July 2011

The Language Archive                Laura Schellhardt, director                                                            July 2011

The Visit                                     Matt Farabee, director                                                                    July 2010

We’ll Be Better Later                  Dan Stermer, director                                                                     July 2010

Big Love                                     Ellie Heyman, director                                                                    July 2010

Shipwrecked!                              JC Aevaliotis, director                                                                    July 2009

Anon(ymous)                              Richard Prioleau, director                                                              July 2009

2.5 Minute Ride                          Jeff Parker, director                                                                        July 2009            July 2007

Hotel Cassiopeia                          Ellie Heyman, director                                                                    July 2008

Air Guitar Nation                       Laura Schellhardt, director                                                            July 2008

Permanent Way                          Jessica Hutchinson, director                                                           July 2008

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot    Scott Westerman, director                                                              July 2007

The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan                                                                                      Jeff Parker, director            July 2007

Red Noses                                   JC Aevaliotis, director                                                                    July 2007

The World Over                          Devon DeMayo, director                                                                July 2006

Weighing the World                    Alexis Chamow, director                                                               July 2006

The Serpent                                George Keating, director                                                                 July 2004

Blown Sideways Through Life     Diana Basmajian, director                                                             July 2004


Northwestern University (Graduate):

Candide                                      Northwestern University – Jon Berry, director                      February 2006

The Cripple of Inishmaan            Northwestern University – Robin Witt, director                 November 2005

Alchemy of Desire…                   Northwestern University – Joanie Schultz, director                  March 2005

Parade                                        Northwestern University – Dominic Missimi, director       November 2004

Man of La Mancha                       Light Opera Works – David Perkovich, director                     August 2000

Don Giovanni                             L’Opera Piccola – Shifra Werch, director                                      June 2000                       

Dangerous Corner                       greasy joan & co. – Sandra Grand, director                               March 2000

The Mandrake                             greasy joan & co. – Kevin Theis, director                                   March 1999


Set Designer

The Time of Your Life                 Northwestern University – Bud Beyer, director                            May 2006


Assistant Costume Designer

Love Song                                   Steppenwolf Theatre – Rachel Healy, designer                          March 2006

Once Upon A Mattress               Northwestern University – Pamela Brailey, designer                    July 2005

The Birds                                    Northwestern University – Ana Kuzmanic, designer                   May 2004



Theatre Foundations Course    Columbia College                                                           Fall 2013, Fall 2014

Intro to Tech – Costume           Roosevelt University Theatre Conservatory                           2007 - present

Problems in Production Design                                          Roosevelt University – Fast Track MA Program            Summer 2013

Costume Design Faculty          National High School Institute                            Summer 2004, 2006-2011

Costume Design I                     Northwestern University                                                            Spring 2006

Makeup Design I                       Northwestern University                                                                 Fall 2005


Costume Shop Manager               

NHSI – Theatre Arts Division                                                                                                   Summer 2007



Xena Live!                                  greasy joan / About Face – Scott Ferguson, director         November 1999



Glimmerglass Opera                                                                                                         1998, 1999 Seasons


Wardrobe Head

Tony & Tina’s Wedding                                                                                       September – December 1998

Actor’s Theatre of Louisville                                                                                               1997-1998 Season






Office Manager                                 Tomer Rothschild Hand Tailored         September 2006 – September 2007

Marketing Assistant                        Credit Suisse First Boston – Chicago, IL  January 2002 – September 2003

Receptionist / Office Manager        Holt Value Associates – Chicago, IL                  May 2000 – January 2002

Assistant to COO                              S&B Collectibles – Chicago, IL                                       March – May 2000

Project Manager                               ProStaff – Chicago, IL                                      January 1999 – March 2000





Northwestern University                                                                                         September 2003 – May 2007

MFA in Stage Design               


Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts

“Life Drawing”                         Max Ranft, Instructor                                      September 2002 – June 2003

“Watercolor”                             Ingrid Albrecht, Instructor                              September 2001 – May 2002

“Anatomy for Life Drawing”   Jayne Bellows, Instructor                                September – December 2001


Art Institute of Chicago – Continuing Education Program

“Painting Fundamentals”         Helen Conklin-Oh, Instructor                         September – December, 2000


Costume Design Intern

Actor’s Theatre of Louisville                                                                                            1997 – 1998 Season


Stage Management Intern

Woman in Mind                          Berkshire Theatre Festival                                                          1997 Season

Ubu Rock                                    American Repertory Theatre                         December 1995 – March 1996


Dartmouth College                          Hanover, NH                                                                                 1993-1997

B.A. in Drama, cum laude

Honors:  Warner Bentley Fellowship 1997; Senior Honors Thesis in Costume Design; Schoenhut Service Award, 1994

2010 - present

2010 - present

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